Team LVD
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+57 318 742 12 99

Office Address

Cl 87 No 19A-27 - Br El Chicó - 110221 Bogotá - Colombia

Our Services

Team LVD provides a full range of B2B commercial agency services, suited to your specific needs.

Commercial Representation
in the Americas

Team LVD is your trusted commercial representative for local business development in the Americas.

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Wage Portage
in Colombia

Team LVD hires and assists the professional you have chosen to establish your business in Colombia.

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Our Features

Team LVD is dedicated to your success. The strengths of our team become your strength.

Business Growth

Team LVD makes your products penetrate new markets in the Americas.


Team LVD strives to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with your clients, for a long term partnership.

Shared Purpose

More that just a service provider, Team LVD is an investor in your business.


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We are eager to explore how we can assist you. Please contact us for any information.